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CRM has multiple APIs that allow integration with external applications or processes such as ERP and Business Intelligence. Using secure HTTPS links that consists of several functions.


The Wolkvox-Token is an authentication and control parameter that will allow us to be able to consume any API, for a specific operation, in a secure and standardized way.
To create your Wolkvox-Token you need to enter your CRM module, once inside you select the configuration option, it will take you to a tab called “integration” in which we will find the “tokens” option, we proceed to click in it, it will take us to the page where we will only have to enter the name of the token in the “add token” field.
From our developments, we must send it as an authorization header assigned as the Wolkvox-Token field and the created token as the value. The Wolkvox-Token also serves as an indicator to specific operations.

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